When Strangers Give You Things

November 16, 2012 • Latest, Madness • Views: 811

I was at work yesterday playing around with produce and doing my best to make things pretty when I got called up to the front. I’m a paranoid guy. I always assume the worst. But instead there was this lady who had asked to speak to the employee who reads the most. Heather pointed me out. I read a fair amount. I’m not my dad who can devour books like black holes but I’m better than my mom and I suppose I read more fiction than most. (Side note: this has prompted a guy I work with to talk to me about books every single day despite how few of his references I get.) Anyway, this lady is a writer. Katie Gates is her name. This is her second book–self published based off of the look of the binding, paper and font–and she is doing some “guerilla marketing.” Don’t use that term ever was almost my first advice, but I obviously shut my mouth.

I’m in a similar position though. I have this fantasy serial that I want to put out every month and I want as many people to read it as possible. I don’t know about guerilla marketing–probably reveals more about my attitude than anything else–but I know getting people to read your work or look at your pictures definitely requires putting yourself out there a bit. So while I thought it was a bit odd that she gave a random dude at a grocery store her novel–with hopes that he’ll read it and spread the word (if only she knew how unpopular I actually am bwahahaha)–I do respect her for putting herself out there like that.

So I’m going to read the book and I’ll put my thoughts on it up here. Hopefully it’s good! The only problem lies in the picture I’ve posted. I’m now adding it to a pile. The pile’s name is Thomas and he’s getting quite fat. Wish me luck.

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