What to do when your shot goes cold

January 9, 2013 • Latest, Madness • Views: 881

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I wouldn’t say I believe in writer’s block. There’s nothing to stop me from writing every day besides my own disinterest or laziness or lack of free time. I can write every day but there’s no guarantee that what I write will be any good. That’s been the case this last month. Much of what I have written has been footnoted with lines like, “Awful, awful, dreadful, terrible. Who is writing this? This is embarrassing.” I’m sure there is a solution to this and perhaps the solution is what I’m doing right now.

I was looking over the draft of a post I wrote last week about how we approach art before the age of 25 and after. That seems a proper cutoff for the age after which we begin to challenge ourselves less and settle for work that simply makes you feel, “ok”, instead of unsettled and challenged. Anyways, I’m reading the post and thinking to myself, God this is awful. It instantly frustrated me and I was tempted to shut down my computer and go sit outside and brood. I’m writing this instead.

If there’s an answer to shitty writing it’s probably to be found in basketball. If you’re a shooter and you’re bricking shot after shot after shot, you don’t stop shooting. You shoot your way out of it. Writing is the same way. And so my answer to the bricks I have been throwing up the last few weeks is this. Let’s see if I can finally sink one in.

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One Response to What to do when your shot goes cold

  1. Janet Dart says:

    Keep plugging away. You have a fan base.