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March 23, 2013 • Latest, Madness • Views: 760

Today's to-do list

Today’s to-do list

I left the house today at around 6:45 in the morning. It was the first time I left the house so early in some time. This might shock a good many people who work 9-5’s, or jobs that require them to be up early–it does make me feel like a great big pile of garbage to some degree. I work at two in the afternoon, sometimes the swing shift. I’m so used to staying and waking up late that 6:45 in the morning is early dammit.

The sun had just come up. I was driving east and staring straight into it. I bought a coffee from a gas station and drank it fast. The hardest thing I’ve done lately–and it pains me to say it–is to break myself from the habit of getting up late. Once I’m up and out of bed I’ve been fairly good about doing something–that something could be almost anything, but I would like it to be one of the top five that I’m focusing on. I like to sleep. I’ve got a manager who claims to sleep maybe four hours a night–anything more and he’s a mess. I’ve met similar people–some of them who can pull it off and look fantastic, others who look like you’d expect, old and haggard. I sort of wish I was one of those people. I mean, think how much more your day would be if it were 28 hours instead of 24, right?

It’s not me and I don’t want it to be. Like I said, I like sleep. But I’d still like to adjust my rhythm and get myself back into the habit of getting up by seven o’clock (after working till 10PM and perhaps going for 30 minute run afterwards.) It’s totally doable. Not even a worthy feat at all. It’s part of my overall plan to adjust my life habits away from things that are bringing me down, and towards habits that would help me out. I’m trying to discipline myself. I never played team sports significantly. I was never in the military. My parents certainly were not strict parents. I’ve got no base to fall back on. I could read a book I suppose–there are a million and one self-help books. But do I really need a book to tell me it’d probably serve me good to wake up at seven instead 10? Sounds like a waste of twelve dollars.

That being said, it’s Friday night. I’m starting tomorrow. I’ve set my alarm for eight o’clock. The choice of sleep begins tonight, not tomorrow morning.

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