T-Rex and a Tornado Walk into a Bar

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May 14, 2013 • Latest, Madness • Views: 1093

Some people put a lot of stock in their dreams. They have that recurring dream about their ex, or about their father, or about being locked up in prison with drawers everywhere. They look up the meaning of symbols. What does my teeth falling out actually mean? I don’t really go for much of it. As far as I can tell we spend a lot of the night dreaming and a lot of the day not remembering 99% of it. Bad dreams can ruin the first couple hours of your day–they’re that intense we all know–but good dreams can also be good fun.

Like this, only bigger and scarier and actually significant.

Like this, only bigger and scarier and actually significant.

This morning I dreamed about dinosaurs and tornadoes. Or to be more exact, a Tyrannosaurus Rex rampaging across the desert after everyone and anyone around it. The tornado wasn’t a tornado per se, but a 300 foot high dust devil that nearly demolished a car when it traveled over it. The T-Rex and the dust devil never came to blows. That would have been sort of freaking awesome. But they were occurring simultaneously: the T-Rex charging up and down the trails, the dust devil moving across the landscape. They didn’t give each other the time of day. Nobody got hurt, or at least nobody important–I didn’t get hurt is was I’m trying to say–and it was all frightening just enough.

Now, I’d like to say the dust devil, as a strong phallic symbol, clearly represents my penis and my inability to settle down on one spot–it just keeps traveling the wild searching searching searching–while the T-Rex with its baby arms clearly represents my *cough cough* arrested development. The two don’t meet in the dream because I’m not ready to settle down and I haven’t found out where I want to be yet in life.

Dinosaurs never get old, both in your imagination and otherwise.

Dinosaurs never get old, both in your imagination and otherwise.

I’d like to say that. Really, I would. But I’m enough of an asshole already. Tornadoes are fucking scary. The weather in general sort of freaks me out. That the gas giants–Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus–are essentially layer upon layer of storm completely scares the bejesus out of me. And the T-Rex? Well Jurassic Park was just re-released and I still haven’t seen it again. That, and dinosaurs are just fucking cool. Why not dream about them?

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