John Muir Trail – Journal Entry – July 4th, 2014

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Lower Cathedral Lake

Happy 4th of July! Any thoughts on going on to Tuolumne Meadows was stemmed when I/we remembered that it was a big holiday. Felt strong leaving camp and yet sad again. My friends, the people I had (sort of) hiked with were/are gone. There’s still a chance they’ll show up. Not the four guys. They’re pushing really hard. But the couple and Danny, neither seemed to be doing that great, so the prospect of a town ahead was probably too much to pass up. It was a relatively easy hike — I should get out of the sun —

Out of the sun. Bear canister is put away. I wish more people came to places like this and got naked, or that it was tolerated. I keep looking around hoping to catch some couple sneaking off a fuck somewhere, or simply just lounging topless. Would be nice to bring a girl to a place like this. I hope my clothes haven’t flown flown off with all this wind. It’s not TOO windy. It simply sounds windy with all of the wind coming off the pass. A lot of ants on this rock.

Find myself seeking out people to be around. I’d rather have the camping spot sort of near other people than that extra secluded spot by myself. It seems nobody is here to camp.

I wish I enjoyed cold water. My whole life would probably be reduced to that: I hate being and moving around in cold fucking water.

Haven’t seen one mosquito here. Lots of those blue dragonfly looking insects. If mosquitoes are here those guys probably eat all the larva.

Hiking today felt good. I’m not exactly taking a day off. Just two consecutive short days. Today was five miles. Tomorrow is three to six, depending on whether I hitch a ride or not. Tomorrow I just need to (hopefully) get my resupply package, buy some supplies. I feel I need/want to get rid of trash and other stuff. It’s 1:30. Yesterday at this time I still had about five hours of hiking to go. Today I woke up at a reasonable hour and was packed and ready to go hiking by —

(possible leaches in the water. Be careful!)

Ranger came and forced me to move because I was fifty feet from the water instead of 100. What to do now? Can’t cook for hours. I could eat more. Suppose I’ll just read.

Hardest part of the day is sitting still. I haven’t known what to do with myself this whole second half of the day. Should I have kept going? Too late for that now. I would have made it there easily. Toe still has a blister. Just chill your anxiety, Chris! It’s not unlike those long road trips I did. They always went by faster than anticipated because I can’t sit still. If it’s 3PM I don’t want to sit and do nothing. I want to go until it’s dark outside. Hoping for some privacy and less wind so I can heat some water and wash up.

This was the test though. This moment right here. Complete solitude. It’s a scary beast.


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