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 I’ve always liked bunk beds. To this day I still want one. Everything about them seems to conjure up images of adventure; or in the very least adventure-planning. The ceiling is low, the light is sparse. It’s a place where you need to keep your voice down. I don’t have a bunk bed. This is the closest I’ve come. Steven Carson designed the frame, which folds in half if and when you ever need to transport it. He added five detachable legs which you can place wherever needed on the opposite end. The space underneath is open, good for storage, or for pretending you have a bunker and are in the middle of a WWII firefight. I’ve got a step ladder but I usually just like to leap up on to it. From this angle it looks like I could use some curtains.


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2 Responses to Bunkbeds

  1. Robert Best says:

    Oh so that’s what your bed turned into! I never got to see it on Thanksgiving(frown).

  2. admin says:

    You were passed out so it is entirely possible I left you upstairs on the bed for awhile 🙂