Ready to Go

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May 19, 2014 • Camps and Hikes, John Muir Trail, Latest • Views: 1352

Somehow it has come to this. Six weeks from now I’ll be at the foot of a trail in Yosemite beginning a journey that’ll take me 230 miles in distance, and 30 days or so in time. I haven’t felt nervous about it all for some reason. I get more nervous about meeting new people and groups than I do about doing anything by myself. That makes this trip both a huge challenge and not a challenge at all…for today was the first day I woke up nervous. Not about the walking, not even about the being gone for so long. Nothing like that at all. Just simple logistics. What sort of package to I use to mail the food? Will the food be there? Do I send chocolate? Do I send booze? More than anything I feel like I should be nervous; nervousness breeds over preparation and if anything I feel like I am underprepared and not nervous enough. I’m just ready. Ready to go. Ready for that first step.


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